How to create a business model canvas?

  A business model canvas is an easy tool to describe the most important parts of your business. With this one pager you can describe what kind of value you deliver to customers, but also how you make money and how you stay in touch with your customers. With your ... - 11 maart 2014

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What is a Value Proposition?

Value proposition; solves your customer’s problem, satisfy their needs and shows your (potential) customers why they should buy at your company. It's one of the most important building blocks of your business model canvas. Value proposition is the main reason why customers stay with your company or leave to another. ... - 11 maart 2014

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What is a business model?

Let us explain: A business model describes how an organization generates, provides, and captures value. The components that display a business model, will cover all important purposes of a business. Commonly speaking, everything that has to do with the daily functionality of a business. In this blog, the “business model Canvas” ... - 11 maart 2014

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A week in Uganda

I am now finishing my second Uganda blog at the Entebbe airport. I call it a week… I have visited many places all over Uganda and I met a lot of great people. My experiences of the first days are already described in my previous blog. So I’ll start from ... - 5 mei 2012

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What I learned about bread and Uganda

Crossing from one place to another in and around Kampala in a 4×4 or boda boda (motorcycle). My first day in Uganda was overwhelming. Boda boda in Kampala Sustainable bakeries in Uganda For the coming week I am going to investigate how we can setup a (small scale) sustainable bakery ... - 29 april 2012

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We are in business, South Africa!!

Business Incubator This week I was at the NW University in Vanderbijlpark again to assist in the incubator project. When I arrived on the campus I entered the (almost) finished incubator facility. It was impressive and I was excited to see that the facility had the same style as our ... - 27 april 2012

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Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle in Silicon Valley

At this moment of writing this blog I’m waiting for the good old KLM606 flight to bring me back to the Netherlands, where it is wet and cold… Talking about the weather. There may be a positive relation between the weather climate and the business climate. Many SV entrepreneurs I’ve ... - 17 november 2011

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Meer ondernemerschap in het onderwijs?

Blogpost van Niek Huizenga (YEAH!) Vanuit Silicon Valley las ik met enthousiasme de berichtgeving over de toekenning van extra overheidsgelden (15 miljoen) om onderwijs en ondernemerschap beter op elkaar te laten aansluiten en om studenten te stimuleren en ondersteunen in het opzetten van een bedrijf. Ondernemerschap wordt steeds populairder en ... - 7 oktober 2011

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Research in the Valley: starting and growing firms

I’m in Silicon Valley for two and a half weeks now. While I’m writing this blog in a coffee shop in Cupertino, people right and left from me are talking about setting up a new business. Life in Silicon Valley is all about startups, innovation and business. I like it ... - 5 oktober 2011

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Wat is een business model?

Auteur: Koen Atema, consultant New Business Development @ YEAH! Het business model beschrijft de manier waarop een organisatie waarde creëert, levert en ten gelde maakt. Het business model bestaat uit 9 bouwstenen, waardoor je in één schema kunt zien hoe een bedrijf of organisatie in elkaar steekt. Je kunt het business ... - 27 september 2011

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Nieuw in Groningen... LAUNCH CAFE

Een inspirerende plek waar innovatieve ondernemers en professionals kunnen ondernemen, overleggen en netwerken. Dat is het nieuwe concept van YEAH!: Ideaal voor ondernemers en professionals ... lees verder

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How to create a business model canvas?

  A business model canvas is an easy tool to describe the most important parts of your business. With this one pager you can describe ... lees verder

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